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I found the experience interesting and I see a lot of results: Much more flexibility and mobility, especially the arms, torso, shoulders, neck. Exercises that open the diaphragm are great for me.
- Caroline Langlois, member since 2011

It gives me relaxation in the body. I feel that my body is lying deep inside and the tensions are easing. This effect lasts for several weeks. -
- Tiffany Sanaris.

It energizes, it relaxes, it's fun. In terms of my body, I have never had such muscular arms, before my arms were flabby. -
- Catherine Bontemps.

What they say


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Thanks to ROLLNESS, I noticed a rebalancing of the body. My pelvis is better positioned. My posture is more flexible and natural. I no longer have those pains that I had before. I discovered muscles that were usually dormant. And not only do I have more strength but what is most important to me is this balance which makes my tensions disappear. -
- Marie-Christine Saulnier.

It was my wife who brought me to the practice of rollness. When I saw the results on her body in such a short time, I didn't have to pray. Due to my busy schedule, we opted for home lessons. Our weight room is finally doing something, and I'm also seeing results that I was no longer expecting at almost 65 years old. -

Paul Berkeley - Santa Barbara

Thank you for the ROLLNESS, very effective in regaining a real size (without lying - 5 cm), a muscular back and a better body posture, rotations in the pool are great !! -

Helen chalk

With the ROLLNESS, I discovered new muscles that are not often used, in addition to flexibility. -
- Maria

Maria Sanchez - Los Angeles

It results in well-being, we feel light, fluid, it circulates everywhere. We are more relaxed as stretched and flexible, free. I love the fact that breathing is part of the exercises and taking the time to breathe. With these exercises we allow ourselves to respect our body so as not to go "too far"

Claire Guitary

After 20 years of competition (bodybuilding), my tendons and joints took a hit. Since I started practicing rollness, I have found better amplitude in my movements, discovered new points of support, and I force less to achieve my goals. So yes, my only regret is not having experienced rollness before. -
- Gilles Adray, Paris

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