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Rollness® Workshops & Programs

The ROLLNESS® is an exercise method based on energetics and breathing.

It is breathing that guides the movements to release tension and balance flexibility and strength.

The exercises are simple but very precise and deep.

ROLLNESS® works both physically and emotionally.

It harmoniously shapes the body in addition to reviving all circulations,

blood, lymphatic and energetic.

It comes in many ways:

Solo, group, in vivo, online, private classes at home, workshops, in companies and

with different themes: Detox, Stress management, Seniors, Sportsmen.

The ROLLNESS® also offers you new perspectives with professional training.


When the body is flexible,

muscle toning is long-lasting because the body has no tensions!


ROLLNESS® respects

this principle and others

with precise movements and

specific breathing.


This method improves all circulations: lymphatic, blood and energetic.

It strengthens ligaments and reposition the pelvis.


With FUN & to feel good!


Detox Workshops

You know all the benefits of DETOX drinks made from fruits and vegetables.


The specificity of

ROLLNESS® DETOX  WORKSHOPS is a combination of specific movements, supplemented by fresh juices at precise intervals.


The benefits of detox drinks will be emphasized by the movements made during the session.

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“It was my wife who brought me to the practice of ROLLNESS® .

When I saw the results on her body in such a short time, I didn't wait. Due to my busy schedule, we opted for home classes. Our training room is finally getting used, and I'm also seeing results that I didn't expect at almost 65!

Workshops & Private Seniors

Maintain the best for your health!

The Senior program is particularly suitable to regain in-depth flexibility, strengthen ligaments, balance with better support, and a posture that is naturally repositioned. The vital organs are re-energized. Tensions related to stress dissipate. The energetic, lymphatic and blood circulation are revived.

Solos, duos, trios or groups

Easy and comfortable!
A computer or a tablet,
Wifi connection,
from your home,
from your office,
of your vacation spot,
For you only,
or for a group of friends.


Stress Management Workshops

A combination of breathing, simple and fun movements, in a specific and precise order to open the diaphragm, stimulate all the circulation, energetic, lymphatic and blood. We feel relaxed, lighter in the stomach, more flexible in the body and clear ideas in the head.

The ROLLNESS® slogan says it all:

Life is Happiness!

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Are you looking for new perspectives?


Discover your new job:


Professional Rollness® training

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